How To: Get Google Music in Canada Without a VPN

Get Google Music in Canada Without a VPN

In this how-to I will show you how to get Google Music in Canada (or any other country) without a VPN or Proxy. And it will only take 5 minutes

What you'll need:
Google Chrome
Hola Better Internet Extension
A valid credit or debit card

Step 1: Get the Hola Better Internet Extension

Hola Better Internet is a great extension to have. It works similar to a VPN and lets you access websites that are normally exclusive to the US.

You can get the extension from here:

Step 2: Go to the Google Music Website

Go to

Click 'Agree and next' or if you disagree click 'disagree'. Either way, you probably didn't even read the terms and conditions. Anyway.....

Click on Standard or All Access (not recommended). Then click Set Up Account.

Fill out as pictured above.

Country: United States (Do NOT put Canada)
Name: Microsoft Corporation
Zip Code: 98052
Credit or Debit Card: Enter a valid one.

Then enter your CVC code and expiration date.

Click Accept and Continue. An error message will most likely pop up. Ignore it and close it and Google Music will still work.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Email me at with questions or how-to suggestions or requests.

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